About The Voices Project

THE VOICES PROJECT brings together the best of new monologue writing from atyp’s Fresh Ink emerging playwright program , and presents it on stage, on page, on film and online, giving voice to a new generation of Australian writers, theatremakers, filmmakers and performers.

THE VOICES PROJECT kicked off in February 2011 with THE VOICES PROJECT : TELL IT LIKE IT ISN’T, a critically acclaimed stage show of monologues exploring the joys and heartbreaks of first love. Written by our Fresh Ink writers at the annual Fresh Ink National Studio and performed by the atyp ensemble actors, ten striking characters told us just how first love can bite, bruise and send you soaring.

Two of these monologues have now been adapted by their playwrights into THE VOICES PROJECT short films, working with acclaimed filmmaker Damien Power.

In BAT EYES by Jessica (SPROUT) Bellamy, 16 year old Adam callously inflicts humiliation on a classmate, before experiencing the pangs and anguish of first love, lost love and finding beauty in unexpected places.

In BOOT by Joanna (KIJE) Erskine, best friends become the worst of enemies as a night out ends in tragedy, recriminations and a terrible secret.

And in THE VOICES PROJECT: THE ONE SURE THING, the monologue showcase was back for 2012, this time exploring how our experiences of death and our reactions to it, can ultimately determine how we choose to live our lives.

The combined monologues of TELL IT LIKE IT ISN’T and THE ONE SURE THING are now available in THE VOICES PROJECT, from Currency Press.

And you can also be part of THE VOICES PROJECT, by writing about first loves in LOVE BYTES, our online monologue competition.

Check out the promo of THE VOICES PROJECT, below: one day, 10 great actors, 1 great monologue in one great city.


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