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Riversdale, architecture by Glenn Murcutt

Unlocking creativity…and the bathroom door…

In beautiful, picturesque, wombat filled Riversdale, there’s not a whole lot to be worried about. That is unless you find yourself in the award-winning architecture, unable to remember whether your need to move the lock on the toilet door to the right or to the left to get out. In this situation, several options always […]

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“I’ll stake a claim: I am the slowest playwright in the southern hemisphere.”

Peta Murray writes plays and short stories. She is also a dramaturg, director and has taught playwriting at Melbourne University and RMIT. She is currently co-facilitator of The Black Writers Lab for Ilbijerri Theatre, Melbourne and is one of this year’s Fresh Ink National Studio tutors. The Build by Peta Murray I’ll stake a claim: […]

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Image from Tell It Like It Isn't, atyp's monologue showcase, Feb 2011

Caleb Lewis…On Monologues

There are few moments onstage more powerful than a good monologue. Done right it’s an act of virtuosity, a brief moment of stillness where everything else falls away save one startling single voice. Done badly it’s a twenty-minute drum solo – at best self-indulgent, at worst an interruption the audience endures waiting patiently for the […]

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Ross Mueller on The Sound of One Voice Speaking

Ross Mueller is a playwright, and is the Artistic Director of Courthouse ARTS in Geelong, Victoria. In 1999 he wrote the monologue A Party in Fitzroy. Below, he explains how the piece came about and outlines the basic principles of monologues. John Howard is Prime Minister and the Maritime Union of Australia is being put […]

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The Humming Wire

Jane Fitzgerald is one of this year’s mentors on the Fresh Ink 18 to 26 year old program. We asked Jane to write about inspiration and creativity – her lovely response is below. This is the first in a series of pieces for Fresh Ink looking at ideas of creativity and inspirations. To keep up […]

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