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Rhys Keir performs Hunger, by Brooke Robinson in the 2010 atyp production of The One Sure Thing

Brooke Robinson on… Hunger

Hunger started with an image of a helium balloon; as it slowly drops to the ground, someone rises and floats away, the two connected as an invisible counterweight. I knew this image took place in a kitchen and that the person floating away was doing so because they had lost a lot of blood. Blood […]

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Laurence Olivier as Hamlet in the 1946 film

John Bell on performing Hamlet

I first encountered Hamlet when I was eight, the year Olivier’s film came out. My mother took me to see it at the now-demolished Lyric cinema in Newcastle. The event had such an impact on me that I can still remember the heat of the footpath outside the cinema, the feeling of going down the […]

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Izzy, TO BE, Photo (c) Guido Gonzalez, 2011

All of Sydney is a stage

Sarah Woods is an actor and leading Shakespeare tutor. She accompanied and supported the actors on the day’s shoot for TO BE. Here she writes of her passion for Shakespeare and her experience of working with the young cast and crew of TO BE. Sarah was also acting coach throughout the shoot of BOOT and […]

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Dianne, The Voices Project. Image (Guido Gonzalez)

TO BE….the cast

Meet the cast of THE VOICES PROJECT: TO BE, premiering online this week. You can keep up to date with THE VOICES PROJECT, here. Dianne Kaye Aldé is a performing arts enthusiast. Singing in choirs since she was ten, she has trained in Musical Theatre, Classical and Bel Canto singing techniques and enjoys performing in […]

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Rose & Atyp

Something Original is Always Exciting: Talking with Rose Byrne

After leading a masterclass for a group of atyp actors recently at atyp, Rose Byrne sat down with Fresh Ink writer Carolyn Burns to talk about writers and writing: what attracts her to a script, the role of improvisation, and why monologues are hard but good. What sort of features in a script might attract […]

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Rose standing alone

Masterclass with Rose Byrne. Yes, THAT Rose Byrne.

We were delighted to welcome Rose Byrne to atyp recently, to lead a workshop for young actors on screen techniques. One of Australia’s leading acting talents, starring in recent blockbusters Bridesmaids and X-Men: First Class, Rose’s acting career started out at atyp and so it was great to welcome her back to our boards. Fresh […]

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MTC's Hamlet

To be …fresh or not, that is the question.

There is no play with more famous speeches and quotable quotes than Hamlet. So how to make these speeches, which are so well known they’re almost cliches, new again? In this great interview by Amanda Smith of Radio National’s Artworks, actors Ewen Leslie and Garry McDonald discuss how they bring new life to their roles […]

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