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National Play Festival Launch

Sharing Dirty Secrets with Zoe Hogan

Zoe Hogan was a participant in the 2010 Fresh Ink 18 -26 mentoring program, and attended last year’s National Studio. Zoe’s monologue, Principal, featured as part of Tell It Like It Isn’t, atyp‘s acclaimed monologue showcase in February 2011, while her play Small Life was selected for the Must See program of this year’s National […]

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Ross Mueller on The Sound of One Voice Speaking

Ross Mueller is a playwright, and is the Artistic Director of Courthouse ARTS in Geelong, Victoria. In 1999 he wrote the monologue A Party in Fitzroy. Below, he explains how the piece came about and outlines the basic principles of monologues. John Howard is Prime Minister and the Maritime Union of Australia is being put […]

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MTC's Hamlet

To be …fresh or not, that is the question.

There is no play with more famous speeches and quotable quotes than Hamlet. So how to make these speeches, which are so well known they’re almost cliches, new again? In this great interview by Amanda Smith of Radio National’s Artworks, actors Ewen Leslie and Garry McDonald discuss how they bring new life to their roles […]

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