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Last year's National Studio cohort

The National Studio: an Insomniac’s Impression

Jessica Bellamy is a Sydney-based playwright. She attended atyp’s 2010 Fresh Ink National Studio. Playwrights don’t sleep. Playwrights are self-nourishing regeneration beasts. Playwrights subsist on sugary drinks, vats of coffee, cheap tequila, and free canapés. Playwrights recharge through the presence of other playwrights. We love other playwrights. Their messy hair, their frazzled brains and their […]

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Moore Street by Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy

I’ll give this city the bits of me it needs

We are coming up to our National Studio, taking place in December at the beautiful writers retreat of Bundanon in NSW . At this year’s Studio, we are going to be looking at writing monologues, and we will be selecting works coming from the Studio to form part of our annual monologue showcase, which will […]

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Ivan Heng in The Weight of Silk on Skin

On Mentoring and The Weight of Silk on Skin

  Preparation, Procrastination, Pressure – the three steps towards artistic production, according to playwright Huzir Sulaiman, in this fascinating and resonant TedX talk. In the talk, Huzir reflects on the role of mentoring and teaching, the importance of being part of a creative community for young writers, and the creative process itself being ‘a mixture […]

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La Patrona

A helping hand on the journey al norte

This stunning short film celebrates the women of La Patrona, Veracruz and their quest for human solidarity. As the trains with their cargoes of human traffic head north to the United States, carrying the dreams of migrants and their families who stay behind, a hand of friendship is extended by the woman of La Patrona […]

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