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Rhys Keir performs Hunger, by Brooke Robinson in the 2010 atyp production of The One Sure Thing

Brooke Robinson on… Hunger

Hunger started with an image of a helium balloon; as it slowly drops to the ground, someone rises and floats away, the two connected as an invisible counterweight. I knew this image took place in a kitchen and that the person floating away was doing so because they had lost a lot of blood. Blood […]

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Emma #TheOneSureThing @The Voices Project 2012 Image(c)Angelo Sgambati

The Voices Project: The One Sure Thing

It’s often said that in the unpredictability of life we can only count on one sure thing. Makes you wonder why it keeps coming as such a surprise! We are very proud of  THE VOICES PROJECT: THE ONE SURE THING, which ran across February this year. Featuring ten compelling collection of monologues from the country’s […]

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“If you’re going to write about death, you’re really writing about life.”

It’s potentially the broadest topic ever: Life, Death and Everything in Between. But at atyp, in a recent Fresh Ink/PlayWriting Australia event, playwrights Jane Bodie, Shôn Dale-Jones, Rita Kalnejais, Phil Spencer and moderator Chris Mead (Artistic Director of PlayWriting Australia) tackled how to take those very deeply personal events and make them into great theatre. […]

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La Mama residency writing

Reasons To Write

By Joanna Erskine A couple of months ago, I was asked to write something for the Fresh Ink blog. I was told it should be something about inspiration and creativity, and it should be personal. I said “Yes” straight away. After some thought I decided that I wanted to write about my experience with a […]

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Image from Tell It Like It Isn't, atyp's monologue showcase, Feb 2011

Caleb Lewis…On Monologues

There are few moments onstage more powerful than a good monologue. Done right it’s an act of virtuosity, a brief moment of stillness where everything else falls away save one startling single voice. Done badly it’s a twenty-minute drum solo – at best self-indulgent, at worst an interruption the audience endures waiting patiently for the […]

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Mirror Teeth, by Nick Gill, which emerged from the development programme at London's Finborough Theatre

Top 10 Tips for Playwrights: Advice from the Other Side of the Line

Van Badham is the Artistic Associate (Writing) of the Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne. She has recently returned to Australia after living in the UK for several years, where she was Literary Manager of the celebrated Finborough Theatre in London. When I was starting out as a writer, I believed a common fantasy – that if I just […]

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The Humming Wire

Jane Fitzgerald is one of this year’s mentors on the Fresh Ink 18 to 26 year old program. We asked Jane to write about inspiration and creativity – her lovely response is below. This is the first in a series of pieces for Fresh Ink looking at ideas of creativity and inspirations. To keep up […]

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